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Call for Proposals Mini-Symposia, Minicourses & Workshops and Special Sessions

During the CLAIB&CBEB 2022, Mini-Symposia, Minicourses & Workshops, and Special Sessions will be merged with traditional oral and poster sessions as an opportunity for presentations and discussions covering Biomedical Engineering state-of-the-art.


The Mini-Symposia will be held during the conference between 25-28th October 2022. These are 90-minute sessions, including invited talks and panel discussions. Topics of a mini-symposium may include emerging technologies and applications in related topics of Biomedical Engineering. Organizers can invite speakers and panellists to compose the 90-min session.

Minicourses & Workshops

The Minicourses & Workshops will be held as pre-conference enrolment on 24th October 2022. These activities can be configured as 2 to 4 forty-minute sessions (as scheduled in the preliminary Program) delivered by experts in the field; focuses are introducing and training basics in theories, analyses tools and methodologies, implementations and applications. Speakers in Mini Courses & Workshops do not need to submit papers or short communications.

Special Sessions

Special Sessions are 90 minutes sessions held during the CLAIB&CBEB 2022 (25-28th October 2022). Special Sessions that may include invited talks and panel discussions on any, but not limited to, topics covered in the CLAIB&CBEB 2022. Such Special Session topics may include standards, new devices and, methodologies designs and applications, regulatory issues, commercialization. Organizers can invite speakers and panellists to convey the 80-min special session as desired.

A Quick Reminder Proposals of Mini-Symposia, Workshops, and Special Sessions
29/Nov/2021 Submission Opens (send proposals to [email protected])
31/May/2022 Deadline for Proposals
15/Jun/2022 Final Notification of Acceptance or Rejection of Proposals
01/Out/2022 Final Upload of Accepted Events

Form for Submission of Proposals for Proposals for Mini-symposia, Workshops and Special Sessions

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Obs: Please, in case of doubts or other questions, contact the CLAIB&CBEB 2022 office at [email protected].