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The official tourism agency of CBEB 2016 is the NAIPI.

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1) Brazilian Falls Tour
Listed by UNESCO in 1986 as World Natural Heritage, the Iguaçu National Park is one of the largest forest reserves in South America and houses in its 252,000 hectares , divided between Brazil and Argentina , 257 butterfly species , 18 fish 12 amphibians, 41 of snakes, 8 of lizards, 340 birds and 45 mammals , and rare species of Brazilian fauna.

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Price per person: R$ 35,00 (includes roundtrip transportation).

2) Argentine Falls Tour
The Argentine Falls is located in the Argentine National Park, Province of Misiones 28 kilometers of Foz do Iguaçu. The visitor rediscovers the falls from a totally different point of view from the Brazilian side getting very close to the water falls as the name of the Devil's Throat.

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Price per person: R $ 55,00 (includes roundtrip transportation).

3) Itaipu Binacional panoramic view
Considered one of the seven wonders of the modern world, Itaipu is the largest hydroelectric plant in the world in power generation. A project carried out jointly between Brazil and Paraguay which now generates 90 % of the energy consumed in Paraguay and 23 % of the energy consumed in Brazil.

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Price per person: R $ 30,00 (round trip transportation).

4) Dutty Free Shopping in Argentina or Paraguay
The Duty Free Shop in Argentina or Paraguay Shopping is an excellent shopping option for those who seek quality products, comfort and affordability.

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Price per person to Paraguay: R $ 35.00 (Includes Round trip).

5) By Night Argentina
The BY NIGHT Argentina circuit has attractions such as Casino Iguazu, Argentine Trade , Ice Bar and not to mention the cuisine , with authentic cuts of meat of all kinds.

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Membership value: R $ 35.00 (Includes Round trip).

6) City Tour Foz do Iguaçu
City tour of Foz do Iguaçu, through the center of the city and some tourist attractions such as the Three Borders Landmark, the Buddhist Temple and the Arab Mosque.

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Membership value: R $ 40,00 (Includes round trip transportation).

7) Macuco Safari Boat Tour
If the beauty of Iguaçu Falls is stunning, picture postcard part of this. The Macuco Safari is one of the most popular among visitors to the Iguaçu National Park, combines relaxation and leisure with moments of pure adrenaline.

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Price per person: R$ 190.00.

8) Themed Dining Steakhouse Rafain Show
Considered the best steakhouse in town, it features a diverse buffet of hot and cold dishes and a wide selection of prime meats. In the evenings from Monday to Saturday, it presents a Latin American show, which features folk performances from various countries in Latin America.

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Price per person: R$ 120.00 (Drinks not included).

9) Dreamland- (Museum of Wax/Park of dinosaurs and World Wonders
Dreamland, most Wax Museum in Latin America, has more than three hundred figures in its collection. In addition to the dreamland, the wax museum has the most amazing animatronic dinosaurs that move and make sounds similar to those beings that inhabited the earth millions of years. Recently the Dreamland group inaugurated the space called Wonders of the World, which includes replicas of major monuments built by man.

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Price per person: R $ 115.00 (Includes entry of 03 attractive and roundtrip transportation).