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Developed by Adilmar Dantas


The papers accepted for the XXV edition of the CBEB will be grouped in the following Thematic Areas and respective Topics:

A. Clinical Engineering and Health Technology Assessment
A.1 - Health Technology Management
A.2 - Testing and Conformity Assessment of Medical Equipment
A.3 - Metrology in Biomedical Engineering
A.4 - Monitoring of New Technologies in Health
A.5 - Assessment of Impacts of New Technologies in Health
A.6 - Data Security in Medical Equipment
A.7 - Other Topics in Clinical Engineering and Health Technology Assessment

B. Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering
B.1 - Artificial Organs
B.2 - Biomaterials
B.3 - Tissue Engineering
B.4 - Bone Structures and their Properties
B.5 - Biocompatibility
B.6 - Materials Characterization
B.7 - Other Biomaterial and Tissue Technologies

C. Bioengineering
C.1 - Biomimetics
C.2 - Cellular and Molecular Engineering
C.3 - Experimental Models for Physiological Studies
C.4 - Biosensors
C.5 - Modeling of Biological Systems
         C.5.1 Models of Cardiac Electrophysiology and Mechanics
         C.5.2 Cardiovascular System Modeling
         C.5.3 Models of Neural Systems and Stimulation
         C.5.4 Modeling Molecular/Cellular Pathways and Networks
         C.5.5 Models of Physiological Systems
C.6 - Other Works in Bioengineering

D. Devices and Biomedical Instrumentation
D.1 - Implantable Devices
D.2 - Sensors and Transducers
D.3 - BioMEMS (Microelectromechanical Systems)
D.4 - Device-Assisted Diagnosis
D.5 - Micro/Nano Manufacturing and Devices
D.6 - Electrical Medical Equipment
D.7 - Electromagnetic and Bioelectromagnetic Compatibility
D.8 - Bioimpedance
D.9 - Bioelectromagnetism
D.10 - Biotelemetry
D.11 - Ultrasound Instrumentation
D.12 - Other Devices

E. Biomechanics and Biorobotics
E.1 - Cardiovascular Mechanics
E.2 - Respiratory Mechanics
E.3 - Biomechanics in Animals and Insects
E.4 - Molecular and Cellular Mechanics
E.5 - Tissue and Organ Mechanics
E.6 - Muscular and Skeletal Mechanics
E.7 - Orthotics and Prosthetics
E.8 - Biomechanics of Sport
E.9 - Medical and Biomedical Robotics
E.10 - Instrumentation and Control Biorobotics
E.11 - Robots and Systems for Surgical Support
E.12 - Other Works in Biomechanics and Biorobotics

F. Biomedical Images and Image Processing
F.1 - Medical Images
        F.1.1 - Magnetic Resonance
        F.1.2 - Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging
        F.1.3 - Microscopy
        F.1.4 - Ultrasound
        F.1.5 - X-Rays
        F.1.6 - Tomography X-ray
        F.1.7 - PET
        F.1.8 - Mammography
        F.1.9 - Thermography
        F.1.10 - MEG and EIT
F.2 - Medical Interventions Guided by Imaging
F.3 - Quality and Medical Image Processing
F.4 - Other Works in Medical Imaging and Processing Images

G. Neuroengineering and Rehabilitation Engineering
G.1 - Brain Computer Interfaces
G.2 - Cognitive Engineering
G.3 - Neurotechnology
G.4 - Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience
G.5 - Neural Interfaces and Neuromuscular Systems
G.6 - Neural Signal Processing
G.7 - Rehabilitation
G.8 - Assistive Technologies
G.9 - Sleep Studies
G.10 - Other Works in Neuroengineering and Rehabilitation Engineering

H. Biomedical Signal Processing
H.1 - Signal Processing in Respiratory System
H.2 - Signal Processing in Cardiovascular System
H.3 - Signal Processing in Metabolic System and Diabetes
H.4 - Signal Processing in Locomotor System
H.5 - Other Processing of Biomedical Signals

I. Biomedical Optics
I.1 - Optical Therapy
I.2 - Optical Diagnostics
I.3 - Optical Sensors
I.4 - Laser
I.5 - Optical Spectroscopy
I.6 - Optical Tomography
I.7 - Other Work in Biomedical Optics

J. Therapeutic Systems using Ionizing and Non-Ionizing Radiation
J.1 - Ionizing Radiation Therapy
J.2 - Therapy Electric Fields
J.3 - Ultrasound Therapy
J.4 - Photodynamic Therapy
J.5 - Drug Delivery
J.6 - Other Therapeutic Technologies

K. Health Informatics and Telemedicine
K.1 - Informatics in Health Care and Public Health
K.2 - Information Technologies in Healthcare Delivery and Management
K.3 - Telemedicine
K.4 - Computer-Aided Decision Making
K.5 - Mobile Health
K.7 - Smart Home Technology
K.8 - Other Computer Systems in Health and Telemedicine

L. Special Topics
L.1 - Bioethics
L.2 - Education in Biomedical Engineering
L.3 - Technologies for Active Ageing and Wellbeing
L.4 - Other Topics